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The Jews revolted against the Roman empire and it was one of the earliest wars for religious freedom in the history of mankind. Of course, the Romans killed many of those in the revolt but there was a group of about 50 – 60 people who held out for over three years at Masada. The Roman army surrounded them but could not get up there to kill them all since you had to climb up single file. So if you look carefully at the right you see the mound of sand the Romans used to fill in the incline and finally were ready to take all of those in thie revolt. However, when they finally entered, the Romans found that each of the men had killed themselves since it was better to be dead than to be a Roman slave.

To survive the three years the men had to dig holes in the rock to capture what little rainfall there was in the desert.

I always felt there was a connection between the three years of survival for religious freedom by these Jews and the three year interval used in the Catholic mass schedule (Years A, B and C).

Mary Beth and I went there but there is a helicopter service used to take you up there and bring you down.  No they will not let you climb up there like the people who did it to survive.  This was of course hundreds of years BC and the Romans were in charge during the time of Jesus’ visit.

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